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    GlobalSUITE® is the result of many years of work in investigation, development & innovation. It's the integral & interoperable solution of management systems (RISK | SECURITY | CONTINUITY | COMPLIANCE) which allows the implementation, management, automation, monitoring and deployment of projects of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Risks Analysis and Risk Management, ISMS, ITIL, Legal & Regulatory Compliance (Data Protection, Specific rules, Critical Infrastructures Protection,…), etc. It’s completely aligned with the ISO standards (ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 31000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 28000, etc.). Thanks to GlobalSUITE® it's possible to make a saving of 40% in the implementation, maintenance and management of these systems &regulations, and obtaining more efficiency and efficacy in its deployment.

    You can view our corporate video which shows the main functionalities of the software.



    GlobalSUITE is a software that allows the implementation & management of projects from two big areas:

    Legal standars. It's a specific legislation about Data Protection ( in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, etc.) Critical infrastructures protection, National Security Framework, etc.a quien va dirigido
    ISO standars. ISO's (27001, 20000, ISO 22301, 31000, 9001, 14001, etc.).

    GlobalSUITE is directed at companies & organizations that want to achieve a project of this kind. Thanks to GlobalSUITE will have a total control of the implementation, management & maintenance of the project.


    • Global management. It integrates the entire necessary software to manage any STANDARD in its entirity. Moreover, it globally manages the complete cycle of the standard from the start part (planning) to the certification, maintenance & the audits.
    • Integrated management. It allows the integrated management of the entire certifications & management systems that have implemented the company.
    • Quick & efficient implementation to adapt the company to the STANDARD, and the requires demanded by the law.
    • Continuous management & Audits. GlobalSUITE thanks to its own software that allows the continous management of the standars and it also facilitates the audits completely.
    • Minimal cost of the implementation & maintenance, but ensuring the certification compliance demanded, and above all, we also guarantee the maintenance to obtain the necessary requirements for the Audit.
    • Collaborative software that allows access from anyplace & at anytime to the client. This methodology helps you to continue with your everyday work.
    • Implementation of paper-free management & maintenance. It integrates an information module to manage the complete cycle of implementation & maintenance.
    • High Security & Data protection:
      • Secure servers. The information is kept on secure servers with high availability that achieves all internantional directives with respect to security measures. There are Backup copies made everyday which guarantee the protection of your data and for the protection of your customer.
      • Ciphered communications. There are ciphered client and server communications.
      • Backup copies guarantee the data security of the customer.
    • Access control management. It manages profiles that allow the access of the different users (priorities and more control).
    • User friendly to update or to carry out implementations, follows-up & audits.
    • The learning curve is minimal for those who are not acquainted users with Management Systems & International Directives. You can afford it a minimum cost as you will increase the number of people working in these projects.

    • Module of administration
      • Multiple users with access to GlobalSUITE
      • Multiple integration management systems
      • Alerts management
      • Companies management
      • Project models management
      • Management of catalogues & questionnaires


    • Module of Project management
      • Meetings reports
      • Project manager
      • Roles & Profiles
      • Module of notifications & alerts
      • Coordination of multiple projects
      • Work teams management
      • Assistant for the visualization of the projects' conditions

    • Module of Documentary management
      • Management of different documents
      • Parametrization of the documents conditions
      • Control the changes, conditions & people in charge
    • PDCA options
      • Management of the targets & scope
      • Internal Audit management
      • Management of the Non-confirmities
      • Management of Corrective & Preventives actions
      • Training
      • Control panel
    • Management systems's options
      • Incidents management
      • Human Resources management
      • Suppliers management

    • Communication module OSSIM.
    • Network Scan communication module. OCS Inventory.
    • E-mail accounts communication module.
    • Communication module with ticketing software.
    • LDAP Communication module.
    • ERP  Communication module.

    We have connected GlobalSUITE with different types of software, if you need for your project a connection, ask us and we will value the possibility of the integration & connection of GlobalSUITE with your software.


    One of the main benefits of GlobalSUITE is its huge potential for the parametrization of all its options. GlobalSUITE's philosophy is adapting itself to the work methodology of our clients. parametrizacion
    • OSSIM Communication Module.
    • Network scan. OCS Inventory.
    • Email accounts Communication Module.

    The high level of integration of GlobalSUITE (with other platforms & software) is one of the main points of the platform.
    • GlobalSUITE is not an isolated software, it can communicate with different systems that complement the platform & can adapt completely to the special necessities of the customer.
    • Integration & Communication with LDAP 
    • Ticketing software & tasks management (redmine, mantis, OTS, Jira)
    • Monitoring software (OSSIM, Nagios, Pandora)
    • Inventory of assets management or CMDB management (OCS Inventory)

    integraciones GlobalSUITE
    These integrations are just few examples of the huge catalogue development for the GlobalSUITE team.

    Moreover, it's possible to integrate in GlobalSUITE other standards that have been implanted in other enviroments.

    The GlobalSUITE® platform, and the entire software that integrates the solution, has several modes of distribution. The different kinds of distribution are orientated for each one of the customers' necessities, and have the target to adapt the solution to the specifications.

    - SaaS (Software as a Service). It can use any of the solution of this kind. saas

    - SaaS Privado. If the company needs a personalized environment this could be the best option. Forget the hardware, maintenance, etc. We make your SaaS infrastructure inside our CPD with maximum guaranties, and you can give your services to your customers.

    - In house. If you wish it's possible to put together GlobalSUITE inside your technical infrastructure. We can put together both through virtual or physical servers depending on your concrete necessities.


    GlobalSUITE allows your licensing in:
    • Partners channel
    • Final Customer license
    It's possible to license several software or just one, from the start of the project or during its life. For example, GlobalSGSI® is used for ISO 27001 implantation or GlobalSGSI® + Global20000®, GlobalSGSI® + Global20000® + GlobalCONTINUITY®, etc.  

    GlobalSUITE can be adapted to the present or future necessities of your business. The entire software will be integrated in your business environment & you'll save money.

    Don't hesitate & ask us about the multiple existing choices.

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